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SkyJuice Engineering serves communications dealers, wireless communications carriers and self-maintained end users of communications systems. In addition, SkyJuice provides its customers with power systems solutions for emergency backup, alternative energy sources, or out-of-grid power requirements.

SkyJuice Engineering
SkyJuice Engineering

Our Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Partners

SkyJuice Engineering Rural ISP

About our company

Since 2006

SkyJuice Engineering is a leading provider of networking and communications equipment based in Randburg, South Africa. Our product portfolio consists of data and voice communications and networking equipment based on the latest radio, laser and wireless communication technologies.

SkyJuice is a one stop shop for wireless communications and voice/data transmission equipment needed for today’s bandwidth thirsty market

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SkyJuice Engineering

We Conduct Business In Countries Around The World

We have successfully leveraged our technical knowledge in provision of connectivity to urban and rural areas in many developing and developed countries, where wireless communications is the most suitable type of connectivity solution.


Network Security

Network Security protects your network and data from breaches, intrusions and other threats. This is a vast

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Cloud Security

IP based biometric access control solution can be integrated into any existing IP network, eliminating the complexities

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Our range of IP networking solutions cover all areas of IP networking from home networks to enterprise level networks.

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Application Security

Web development refers to the creating, building, and maintaining of websites. It includes aspects such as web design

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Our range of wireless solutions consist of Wi-Fi, LTE, 5G (5th Generation) and fixed wireless broadband.

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Our Voice-Over-IP (VoIP) product portfolio delivers complete unified communications, from entry-level handsets and Video Conferencing Systems

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Why choose us

We Promise High Quality IT Services

SkyJuice Engineering has associations with renowned manufacturers and suppliers across North America, Europe, Asia. Our clients include major international, regional and national companies like exploration and drilling companies, refineries, petrochemical plants, pipeline projects, suppliers, research institutions and universities, stockiest and EPC contractors.

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We help you achieve your goals
Skyjuice engineering
Skyjuice engineering

Our work process

When it comes to network installation projects, having a well-defined plan is essential


Define project objectives

Start by clearly defining the objectives of your network installation project. What are the specific goals you want to achieve? Are you upgrading an existing network or implementing a new one? Identifying your objectives will help you stay focused and ensure that all team members are aligned.


Develop a project timeline

Create a detailed project timeline that outlines the major milestones and deadlines for your network installation project. Break down the tasks and activities required to complete the project, and assign them to team members. This will help you stay organized and ensure that the project stays on track.


Allocate project resources

Determine the resources required for your network installation project, such as equipment, software, and manpower. Assign specific resources to each task or activity in your project plan to ensure that you have everything you need to successfully complete the project.


Identify project stakeholders

Next, identify all the key stakeholders involved in the network installation project. This includes both internal team members and external parties, such as vendors or clients. Understanding who is involved and their roles will help you establish effective communication channels and ensure everyone is on the same page.

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Frequently asked questions

When we talk to clients about our IT services for their company, a few of the same questions come up.

How can we help your business to provide IT service?

Our IT support services, customers can be assisted from multiple channels & it gives end-users more for they can reach a business.

SkyJuice network infrastructure supports a well-defined set of approved networking protocols. Any use of non-sanctioned protocols must be approved by client

How is our work process simplified?

With SkyJuice Network Installation Project Charter template, you can streamline your project planning process and ensure successful network installations.

How does our IT support policy work?

  • Documented baseline configurations must be maintained for all Information Resources that create, collect, store, and/or process confidential or internal information and all network connected resources must be configured to these specifications.


See what people are saying about us

Excellent service

“Excellent IT service provider. The team contacted me quickly and dealt with my issue promptly & professionally. I can highly recommend this company.”

Nompilo Ntuli
Core Network Engineer - MTN
Totally reliable IT service

“I signed up with IT solutions with some trepidation as I had previously been many relying on an American-based but this company

Nqephe Fihlo
Econet Telecom Lesotho

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